Thirai App is a Entertainment App

Thirai App is a Floating Video Entertainment App. Thirai App has 15 categories and more than 150 categories.

Thirai App is a Floating Video Entertainment App. Thirai App has 15 categories and more than 150 sub-categories. In Thirai App watch all the Videos in Pop-Up Video Player (Floating Video Player) over using Other Apps. We are updating the videos in frequently. Feel Free to Watch Videos in Simple Way.


  • Watch YouTube videos without disturbance.
  • Watch videos while using other apps.
  • We won’t collect your data. It’s Guarantee.
  • Thirai App has Resizable Pop-Up Video Player (Floating Video Player).
  • Thirai App has Moveable Pop-Up Video Player (Floating Video Player).
  • You can also watch videos in Small Screen, Medium Screen and Full Screen mode.
  • If you add your Favorite videos to your Favorites, you can watch videos from Favorites at             anytime.         
  • Thirai App has Auto-Play Mode.
  • Thirai App has well design and user friendly interface.
  • Thirai App has Share option also.
  • Thirai app has Download option for Status videos.


Why I have to allow pop-up video player (Floating video Player) option?

            To watch Videos on thirai app, you must allow to floating option, by doing this we are not going to collect any information from your mobile. It’s Guarantee.

How to allow pop-up video player (Floating video player) option?

            After install the thirai app, when you click any video, it will ask for permission to allow. Allow the permission in Thirai App to watch videos in floating. Now you can enjoy the floating option and watch the videos, while using Other Apps. Watch all videos, while Chatting, Browsing, Reading or doing anything with other apps.

How to watch videos in category and sub-category?

            Open Thirai App if you click Menu Button you can see Fifteen Categories. The category starts with Songs, Movies, Comedy, Kids, Status, Learning, Devotional, Sports, Cooking, TV Shows, Business, News, Games, Health and Others. To click any category, you can find all sub categories one by one. Then you can click any sub category, let see the listed videos are related to the sub-category.       

How to use the Search Option to watch YouTube videos?

Open Thirai App and Click Search Button on the Right Corner. This is used to search on your Favorite YouTube Videos. You can Search and watch like YouTube.

How to Watch Favorite Videos?

            Open Thirai App and click Favorite Button on the Right Corner. Once you have selected Your Favorite Videos, you can watch it anytime. If you add any videos to the Favorites, you can watch. It’s sorted by Category and sub category Wise.

How to watch on YouTube?

            Open Thirai app, to click three dots on the videos lower right, showing three types of buttons. Click the Watch on YouTube button, to watch videos on YouTube easily.

How to Share Videos to Other Apps?

            Open Thirai app, to click three dots on the videos lower right. It shows three types of buttons. In that to share videos to others, click the Share Button, then you can share your favorite videos to any apps.

How to use Watch on Thirai?

            To play YouTube videos in Thirai App, just share any videos from YouTube App. In that you can see Watch on Thirai option. Then click Watch on Thirai, now you can watch YouTube Videos in Thirai App. For example, If you share any one YouTube videos, you can watch in Thirai app, share all videos from Thirai app.

Below you can see Categories and sub_Categories List:

Songs Category:

Love Songs, Melody Songs, Sad Songs, Old song, Evergreen Songs, Beat Songs, BGM Songs, Opening Songs, Album Songs, Gaana Songs, English Songs, Malayalam Songs, Telugu Songs, Kanada Songs, Hindi Songs.

Movies Category:

Old movie, 80'S Movies, 90'S Movies, 2K Movies, Latest Movies, Animation Movies, Super Scenes, Tamil Dubbed Movies, Devotional Movies, Horror Movies, Trailer, Short Film, Making videos, Star interviews, Reviews, English Movies, Malayalam Movies, Telugu movies, Kanata Movies, Hindi Movies. 

Comedy Category:

Vadivelu Comedy videos, Kowndamani Senthil Comedy videos, Vivek Comedy videos, Old  Comedy videos, Santhanam Comedy videos, Soori Comedy videos, Latest Comedy videos, Hero-Heroins Comedy videos, Troll Videos, Prank Videos, Tube Videos.

Kids Category:

Cartoon Videos,Rhymes videos, Moral stories videos, Funny Videos, Kids Learning Videos, Kids Activities Videos.

Status Category:

Love Status, Sad Status, Black & White Status, Positive vibes Status, Web series Status, Family Status, Friendship Status, Single Status Video, Gaming Status Video, Food Status Videos, Animation Status Videos, Comedy Status Videos,

Learning Category:

Spoken Learning Videos, Technology Videos, Computer Related Videos, Developing Videos, Craft Videos, History Videos, Editing Videos, School Learning Videos, Soft Skill Learning Videos.

Devotional Category:

Hindu Songs, Christian Songs, Islamic Songs, Hindu Messages, Christian Messages, Islamic Messages, Kids videos, Devotional Programs, Astrology Videos, Madha Videos, Sai Baba Videos.

Sports Category:

Cricket Videos, Football Videos, Basketball Basketball Videos, Tennis Videos, Olympic Videos, Hockey Hockey Videos, Volley Ball Videos, Wrestling Videos, Indoor Games Videos.

Cooking Category:

Veg Cooking Videos, Non-Veg Cooking Videos, Snacks Videos, Bakery Items Cooking Videos, Western food Cooking Videos, Cooking Tips Videos.

TV Shows Category:

Vijay TV Shows, Zee Tamil Shows, Sun TV Shows, Colors Tamil Shows, Kalaingar TV Shows, Jeya TV Shows, Captain TV Shows, Discovery Shows, National Geography Shows.

Business Category:

Advertisement Videos, Earnings Videos, Business Ideas videos, Marketing Tips videos, Share market Videos, Motivational Videos.

News Category:

Live News, Tamil News, News Programs , English News, Malayalam News, Telugu News, kanada News, Hindi News.

Games Category:

PUBG Videos, FreeFire Videos, Call of Duty Videos, God Of War Videos, PS Games Videos, Card games Videos.

Health Category:

Yoga Videos, Fitness Videos, Siddha Videos, Beauty tips Videos, Nutrition Videos, Health & Beauty Products Videos.


Unboxing Videos, Latest Products Videos, Compare videos, Tricks &Tips Videos, Shopping Shoppingideos, Pets Videos, Tourism Videos, Future Tech Videos, Functions Videos.

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